Meet The Team


Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness - Joseph Pilates

Ex-physiotherpist and all round movement lover, Lorraine first discovered the power of Pilates whilst working as an NHS physiotherapist. From neck pain to foot pain, there was always a Pilates exercise to help! She started her APPI instructor training whilst still working in the NHS, then had a career break to have her 2 children.

One ectopic pregnancy with emergency surgery and two c-sections later, it’s fair to say Lorraine’s body had been through the mill! Just like Sam, this is where Pilates came to her rescue. She felt weak and had lost her confidence with exercise. Since then, Pilates has been transformative on so many levels for Lorraine; it has given her strength, length and improved posture whilst also offering a form of meditation to release from the stress of the day with two small kids!

And that’s why when Lorraine returned to work, she decided to become a Pilates instructor full time. Whilst she is no longer a practising physiotherapist, Lorraine has a phenomenal knowledge of body movement, function and injury that she funnels into her teaching everyday.

Most of all, Lorraine loves to devise bespoke classes that are challenging and fun for her clients. Lorraine fell in love with Sam’s dynamic approach to Pilates and now finds it truly addictive and incredibly effective. Hard enough to feel the burn - feeling truly worked and satisfied, but in a way that is safe and balancing for the body. Lorraine has joined Sam on her mission to help others find their love of Pilates, so that they too can build a strength and confidence in their body that they never knew was possible.



Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things - Joseph Pilates

Tammie has practised Pilates for over ten years and upgraded from her previous career as an Executive Assistant to become a Pilates instructor with a special focus on the ante and postnatal periods.

Just like Sam, training with APPI means that Tammie's style of Pilates is a combination of classical Pilates and Physiotherapy which makes it a very safe, functional and effective way to move. For Tammie, keeping fit and active is a way of life. It gives her the physical and mental strength to feel truly empowered in mind and body. She has an amazing can-do attitude and she infuses her clients with strong positive energy.

Tammie is a Mum herself and came back from pregnancy and a c-section stronger and more confident thanks to her Pilates practice. Away from the mat, Tammie is a massive Peloton nerd and loves to challenge herself lifting weights and comparing what she can chest press with Sam!

Tammie teaches energising and empowering ante and postnatal mat Pilates on a Friday morning and is available to teach 1:1 classes for beginners to Pilates pros at a variety of times during the week. She is also available to teach clients in their own homes.