Bespoke Pilates In Your Pocket

Unlike anything
you’ve ever

Bespoke Pilates
In Your Pocket

Unlike anything you’ve ever tried

Move with Precision, Power and Purpose.

A fresh approach to staying strong and healthy, without major time commitments. The SDP Method gives Pilates a playful twist, leaving you longer, stronger and more energised.

Bespoke weekly
workout schedule

Bespoke weekly
workout schedule

workout videos



5 - 60
minute classes

4 intensity

Fix Me - targeted

Fix Me - targeted

Everything you need to create a daily habit that sticks.

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Experience Pilates like never before with bespoke content designed for your busy life. SDP classes bring power, precision and attention to detail, leaving you feeling energised, refreshed and a lot stronger - without ever having stepped out of your front door.

Fancy giving it a go? Get a sneak peak of the classes and intensity levels below…


Soothing, grounding, reconnecting with your body and giving it some love. Leave the mat feeling better for the day ahead.


Form focused and super easy to follow. When you need to move your body but don’t want to get sweaty! These classes have a holistic approach to strengthening your core, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall body awareness.


You’re ready to take it up a notch and challenge your strength, flexibility, and control. Movements will be more dynamic and energising, leaving you feeling fabulous!


You want to work hard to get maximum results. These are the SDP bread and butter. Classes are carefully layered to build a deep strength and serious burn that gradually catches up with you! Here, the SDP Method will challenge and empower you at every turn.